We offer care for infants starting at 6 months old . Your child’s teacher will work closely with your feeding and sleeping schedule.  We strive to give your child the individual care they need. Your child’s developmental milestones will be recorded daily, as well as their feeding, napping and diaper changes. Your child will learn skills like:
  • Forming and maintaining a secure attachment to a parent or caregiver.
  • Using their senses to investigate the world around them.
  • Making simple vocal sounds and movements to express themselves.
  • Rolling, crawling and pulling themselves up to explore their surroundings.
  • Using fine motor skills and hand movements to hold and manipulate objects intentionally.


It’s exciting to watch our Toddler’s develop. They are now starting to talk and begin to develop their relationships with each other. Our teachers make sure there is a lot of a high-level interaction, while also giving each child the individual attention that they need. Your child will be provided:
• Age appropriate toys, games and music to stimulate their development
• A high level of interaction while individually nurturing each child
• Christian curriculum and structured monthly themed curriculum
• Daily notes to keep you well informed about your child’s day


Children at two years of age are terrific learners. They are beginning to learn how to group play and they become better at communicating their thoughts. They start to turn their ideas into words and sentences. Many of their activities will be focused on social skills, such as cooperation, sharing and taking turns. Your child will be provided:
• A balance of nurturing, playtime and learning throughout the day
• Structured Christian curriculum and monthly themed curriculum which allows for exploration through creative arts, language development, sensory exploration and spiritual development
• We help develop your child’s confidence, self-esteem and love of learning
• Each parent will receive daily notes and regular communication from teachers to keep you informed about your child’s day


Preschoolers have many changes. Their coordination is improving. They are learning complex skills and are beginning to interact more with their peers. We start introducing language, math, science and social skills in a logical natural sequence, learning one step at a time.
Each class provides an environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn, while also making friends. We provide hands on experience through a variety of daily arts and crafts. We provide:
* Math and science skill development through hands on experiences
* We use a structured curriculum with thematic units that are designed to encourage curiosity, self-direction and confidence
* Handwriting Without Tears- a daily language curriculum that support literacy and language development
* Memory books that collect your child’s work and capture what they have learned


Children at this age are beginning their adventure of a lifetime of learning. We help prepare your child for the next exciting phase- Kindergarten! We help them make their transition smoother by helping them become familiar with a more structured learning environment. We provide:
* Preparation for Kindergarten
* Classroom activities that develop their social skills such as sharing, listening and cooperation.
* Handwriting Without Tears- learning vocabulary, letters and first sight words
* Structured thematic Christian based curriculum to foster social, spiritual and learning needs
* Independent learning skills through hands-on experiences
* Field trip to a local kindergarten
* Graduation ceremony in May


Each summer Seasons Preschool offers care to children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Everyday there’s so much to explore, discover and learn. Seasons will keep your child busy with a variety of hands-on activities—like sports, art, music, water actives and more—that help build skills around literacy, creative problem solving, STEAM and more.